Adonar Una


Twi’lek Crime Lord
Noble 2


Adonar Una is a Twi’lek from the planet of Ryloth, born to two jedi parents, Novus and Ardana Una. He also has one sibling, a younger brother named Brin’shak. Upon discovery that the ability to use the force was not passed along to him, Adonar was frequently the butt of many jokes around Ryloth. Then, once Brin’shak displayed that he was able to use the force, Adonar fled the planet aboard a freighter, angry that he had not obtained such a gift. After making his way to Tatooine, he joined a small time Spice smuggling ring called the LaRusse and frequented trips back to Ryloth, a good source of Spice, all the while avoiding his family at all costs. He worked his way through the ranks, quickly rising to the top of the LaRusse and becoming wealthy and well-known in the process. At the age of 26, he had one of his contacts manufacture the R-66Y (Roy) special droid model to be used as a bodyguard, but the two quickly became almost like business partners. However, the LaRusse is now quickly disbanding after the men under him had a bad run-in with officials, so Adonar is left with his wealth, droid, and little else.


Adonar is an optimistic, charismatic Twi’lek, capable of using words to bend the wills and opinions of others to serve his own purposes, rather than resorting to brutish forms of persuasion, such as the Force. He is also known to be very sarcastic as times. He knows what it takes to get things done and always jumps at every opportunity to make his wealth grow larger. However, he is not inherently evil, he just knows how to get the job done. R-66Y is always nearby should he need to get his hands dirty.

Adonar Una

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