Terek Plo'ia


Bothan Infiltration Team Commander


Jovial and arrogant, Terek is the best at what he does, and he knows it. He is very detached from his work, and he has been known joke around with his squad literally while marking and gunning down targets. Not particularly loyal to anyone besides his squad of fellow Bothan infiltrators, his motivations beyond fame and credits are unclear, but Aayliah was obviously overjoyed when his elite group of agents pledged themselves to her cause.


Born on Corellia, Terek disappointed his Senator parents early, dropping out of school and running around with a street gang, eventually running away from home at age 14. He was working as an enforcer for the Coerllian mob when he was arrested a year later, however, the SIS agent saw his talent and sent him to the Bothan Special Forces Academy. It was there he met his future squad mates, Vusrt, Asnar and Bref. Together, the deserted the Bothan Military the instant the graduated, and they operated as the most efficient independent kill squad in the galaxy. Hired by Aayliah to foil the efforts of a mercenary attempting to assassinate her very early in her career as Mandalore, they pledged their loyalty to the Mandalorians, and they have been working as the most lighthearted infiltration team in the galaxy.

Terek Plo'ia

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