Commando Droid
Soldier 2


Manufactured for the Twi’lek crime lord Adonar Una at the age of 26, R-66Y (Roy) was a battle-ready special model to be used as a bodyguard for the LaRusse spice-smuggling organization. However, Adonar tended to keep him close at hand for other operations and such as well, so the two began to mainly only work together. Created with a Heuristic processor, R-66Y has a mind of his own and does not just follow orders as many do. He makes for a great battle leader and is very skilled in ranged combat. In one particular fight against an invading group of scavengers looking to steal a large stash of spice belonging to LaRusse, Roy single-handedly fought them off with his blaster-rifle after his fleshy comrades with stunned with flash-grenades. Using the quick reflexes and sharp-shooting abilities granted to him on the basis of being a droid, he quickly dispatched the multitude of invaders rushing the stash, thinking the coast was clear. Now that LaRusse is collapsing, R-66Y is prepared to follow Adonar wherever his path leads the two of them.


Unlike his partner Adonar, Roy often attempts to act much more serious, short, and direct. However, away from strangers, he can be found to be just as sarcastic as Adonar. Many often know which droid he is because, at times, his Vocoder malfunctions and his voice drastically alters. It could be anything: high-pitch, low-pitch, screeching, bellowing, silent, beeps and boops, etc. This is one of the reasons that he is actually a likeable droid among Adonar’s contacts.


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