Mekkrak Ackbar


Mon Cal Combat Tech/Medic
Scoundrel 2



Mekkrak is a Mon Calamarian from Mon Calamari. He is fairly serious and believes that a joke is “a waste of one’s intellectual aptitude.” He is fond of life and believes that every person deserves a second chance. As he puts it: “Any man can get back up as long as his wound has healed.” He is fascinated by both biology and military technology and he is employed as a medical scientist and a doctor.


Mekkrak grew up in a fairly rich family on Mon Calamari as an ancestor of the famed Admiral Ackbar. He wanted to be a doctor and a medical engineer and trained in these skills at age 17. By the time Mekkrak was 20, he was on his own as a doctor. One year later, several bounty hunters from Czerka came to Mon Calamari on an illegal oil project contracted by the Sith empire. To collect this rare star ship oil, these bounty hunters had permission to do anything to anybody that got in their way. Among these bounty hunters was a brave young wookie named Greyyka. He was a young adult and was forced to work unpaid for Czerka at the threat of his mother’s life. Desperate, Greyyka joined. Greyyka made an attempt at a large oil company, but unexpected security guards severely injured him. He was left out in the open to die. Unaware of the situation, Mekkrak took Greyyka under his medical care and nursed him to health. Because Mekkrak saved Greyyka’s life, Greyyka now has a life-debt to Mekkrak. Greyyka stayed with Mekkrak for 4 years, and they became close friends. Among these years, Mekkrak learned to understand the Wookie language and the harmful truth about why Greyyka came to Mon Calamari was revealed. Outraged, Mekkrak swore to pay Czerka back for everything they have done to harm others. Greyyka thanked Mekkrak when Mekkrak was 25 and headed back to Kashyyyk only to find his parents dead. Czerka had murdered them. Greyyka now leads one of the biggest revolution groups against Czerka and the Sith on Kashyyyk and occasionally keeps in touch with Mekkrak, for he still owes him a life-debt. Originally a supporter of the Galactic Alliance just like all Ackbars, Mekkrak now hates the Sith more than ever since the Czerka incident.

Mekkrak Ackbar

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