Jawa Sniper
Scoundrel 1/Soldier 1


Kellet is a Jawa orphan that has learned how to survive on his own. He is easily entertained and very hyper. He can be high maintenance at times, but he is the one to go to for a joke to cheer you up in almost any situation. Although you wouldn’t expect it out of a hyper little guy, Kellet is very patient when it comes to his work, for even he knows that it is a long, hard process.


Kellet grew up in a typical Jawa nomadic sand crawler tribe. Typical salvage and selling wasn’t enough to keep Kellet’s attention, and he discovered he had a particular interest in marksmanship. Unfortunately for Kellet, his naive decision to use probe droids as target practice drew the ire of the local Sith settlement, leading the the destruction of his tribe’s land crawler and the massacre of his family. After constructing his own makeshift fighter out of the shell of an old Y-Wing, Kellet left Tatooine to work as a hired gun on Naboo, especially against the Sith, and he has gained a reputation as an unusually cheerful, yet deadly, mercenary.


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