Kadesh Ordo


Mandalorian Champion


Intense and demanding, Kadesh can be about as personable as a rancor. His gruff attitude and expectation of perfection regardless of the odds mask an unswerving loyalty to his men and an incredibly strong sense of personal honor.


As a descendant of Mandalore the Preserver, Ordo took his role as a Mandalorian very seriously. Born on Bastion, he enrolled in the Imperial military at age 16, and he was quickly promoted to Captain. He refused further promotions, as he didn’t want to leave the battlefield. Instrumental in training Aayliah, he views her almost as a daughter or a niece. He finally defected the Imperial Military after his new Sith Commander ordered his squad to kill civilians. Emboldened by their mentor, many former squad members defected with him. He had been working as a bounty hunter, trying to stay away from the greater conflict, but he couldn’t pass up a meeting with his old protégé unknowingly embroiling himself in the conflict.

Kadesh Ordo

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