Aayliah Fett




Aayliah is serious but kind. A born leader, her dignity and honor provide a stark contrast to a galaxy that is precariously short on both of those. Exceptionally driven and confidant, Aayliah is absolutely certain that her quest to reform the Mandalorians as the galaxy’s greatest fighting force will succed, and if she can recruit and gather followers as well as she can shoot, she should have no problem.


Raised from a young age to be a bounty hunter and a leader of men, Aayliah found that she excelled in both regards, leading her first team of hunters at age 14. Inspired by her culture, tales of past Mandalores and the exploits of her grandfather, she set out to use her vast family fortune rebuilding the greatness of the Mandalorians, as well as a much more personal quest to make her own name as a Mandalore while simultaneously stay true to her heritage.

Aayliah Fett

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