The First Mission

Hello. My name is Mekkrak. I was called in on a special mission on the planet of Lok. I got my mission from an ancient warrior race: The Mandalorians. Their leader was Aayliah Fett. She told us to travel to the bounty hunter’s guild’s prison and release a man named Kadesh Ordo, a mandalorian imprisoned by the bounty hunters. I was assigned to a task team consisting of me, a small Jawa named Kellet, a Twi’lek noble named Adonar Una, and his droid, R-66Y, or Roy. We found a contact in a cantina that pointed us in the right direction of the prison. He told us to be careful because there was another prison a couple miles away that the prison could call for backup. Figures. We ventured to the prison and got in by letting Adonar convince the guards that our guns were decorations and that we needed to see the prison in order to send somebody we knew into it. We got in, though, and we were told to put our weapons down by all of the other guards. Roy then proceded to hold his blaster in the air and shout a battle cry, making all of the guards attack us. We got out of that fight alright, but it took forever because Cody sucks at rolling. I then dressed up as a guard. We locked the doors with the console in the lobby, but a commando used his pass to lead two other guards in to attack us. Once again, we prevailed. This time, though, we let all of the prisoners in the left hallway free to keep the guards occupied. When they asked for help, Adonar replied: “Everything’s fine!” and we had them fooled. Posing as a guard, I went through to the break room and let off a surprise attack with the cue line “It’s a long story. And then this happened!” After we took them out, we walked along the prison cells to find Kadesh Ordo in his cell. He told us that the warden had his cell’s key. Figures. After that talk, we finished off the guards in the cafeteria to let Adonar pose as a commando. We also went into the armory and took a thermal grenade. We then went upstairs to find more guards. A blast from the grenade, a couple of gunshots, and they were down. We advanced into the warden’s office. He was quiet at first. We made small talk, and they we attacked. As soon as the fight started, Kellet screamed:“The plants are turrets!” They weren’t very much of challenge, though. After a little bit, we had access to Kadesh’s cell. Over the intercom, we told him to meet us in the cafeteria after unlocking his cell because we looked at the blueprints and saw a route into the sewers from the cafeteria. We also had guards from the other prison on our trail. Figures. Once we met up with him, we gave him a rifle and escaped through the sewers…only to be attacked by a family of Nexu. It freaking figures. After we (Kadesh) had dealt with the Nexu, we went back to Lok and proceded to get our reward from Aayliah: credits. And that, my friends, was my first mission.

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